Friday, January 4, 2013

OF COURSE I Haven't Blogged!

It's all about me, folks!  I am high maintenance!  And since it's up to me (100%) to determine how to "maintain" me, I have been very busy doing just that.

The fun I am having now is blowing my "stories" out of the water!  How?  Well, first I realize whatever excuse I may have to "not do" something ( and sometimes to "do" something ) is just a "story".  My human brain ( we are the only animals that think ) can and does fabricate the most interesting points-of-view, judgements, perceptions, prejudices, excuses, justifications and they are ALL just stories shaped by my particular blend of learning and life experiences.  I am sure this is true for all of us.

What is really interesting is that regardless of our fingerprint ( i.e., blend of learning and life experiences ), we all come up with some common points-of-view.  And I am not sure if this particular point-of-view crosses all cultures.  The one story we all tell ourselves is:  I'm not good enough!  And invariably this thought makes all of us feel lower than dirt!

So my first question is:  By what stretch of the imagination can that possibly be true!  It seems to me that saying or thinking that would make me feel "bad" and then I can justify a lot of behaviors that support not being good enough.

Here's where the maintenance comes in.  When I become aware of this thought of my not being good enough, I ask myself what is the story behind it?  I have to put the focus on me ( center my attention on myself, i.e., self-centered ) to find that answer.  Why am I telling myself this story again?  It's just a habit, a knee jerk reaction to seeing someone do something I cannot do or has something I don't have.

Maybe I am just tired and need rest.  Maybe I need to speak up for myself.  Maybe I forgot to eat.  Maybe I have forgotten that I am not on this planet alone.  But I am NEVER not good enough.  Besides I am not qualifed to mae that assessment and you can bet I will check the credentials of anyone who thinks they are qualifed to judge me.

So give it up!  It's just a story, a very old story that needs to be laid to rest - for good!